The Bloom of Cherry Blossoms 2020

Introducing a much-prized spring trip in which visitors simultaneously enjoy the snow and beautiful cherry blossoms in Fukushima, located to the north of Tokyo. Tokyo Station more. October saw completion of the preservation and renovation work on the Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building. The red brick facade long loved as the symbol of Tokyo Station has made a comeback, along with the history and grandeur of the original building dating nearly a hundred years back. The former is the only hotel situated within an important cultural property of Japan. The interior is designed in a sophisticated, classical European style to blend with the splendor of the Marunouchi Building exterior. Play with snow at ski resorts in spring more. As the ski resorts of Urabandai are located at a high altitude, they remain open until the beginning of May. In addition to serious skiing and snowboarding areas, since the resort also has gentle slopes for sledding and playing in the snow aimed at families and beginners, there are areas where everyone can enjoy the snow. Grandeco Snow Resort is one of the few ski resorts in Japan that offers a 3,m beginner’s course.

Terrawatch: unearthing snow’s ‘Fukushima layer’

Fukushima has a fantastic array of traditional, amazing festivals that date back generations. While here, be sure to check out as many of them as you can! Some, such as the naked man festival, invite foreigners to participate, giving people a wonderful opportunity to get involved in a way they never thought possible. Read below for a brief introduction to some of the main festivals in Fukushima.

Keep in mind that each and every little town around the prefecture has their own local festivals also, at different times through out the year – be sure to keep an eye out for them! This festival celebrates the history of the turbulent Nanbokucho Northern and Southern Court Period , when the conflict between rival Imperial courts divided the nation.

Cherry blossom blooming forecast (date of first bloom) – Season. As of May.​8. kyushu okinawa kansai chugoku shikoku kanto chubu hokkaido tohoku.

Sponsored Links. Voted number one dating spot by Style koriyama readers. Couples often visit the park to ring the Ouse Bell pictured here. It is said ringing the bell increases your chance to find and fall in love. The park has a central square with a tower providing excellent views of the surrounding landscape Asaka plains and gardens.

Visitors interested in the parks greenhouse can catch a glimpse of the Oomurasaki Butterfly, which is often recognized as symbolic creature in Japan.

JET in Fukushima: Festivals

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Summer Hotspots & Popular Dating Areas in FUKUSHIMA

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This trilogy, based on a large amount of information collected/interviews conducted on the ground in Fukushima, looks at the time dating from the decision to.

This geological map and associated information on rock units at or nearby to the coordinates given for this locality is based on relatively small scale geological maps provided by various national Geological Surveys. This does not necessarily represent the complete geology at this locality but it gives a background for the region in which it is found. Click on geological units on the map for more information.

Click here to view full-screen map on Macrostrat. Reference: Chorlton, L. Generalized geology of the world: bedrock domains and major faults in GIS format: a small-scale world geology map with an extended geological attribute database. Geological Survey of Canada, Open File Data and map coding provided by Macrostrat. Covid has significantly affected our fundraising.

Nine years on, state of the clean-up at Fukushima’s nuclear plant

The site was designated a National Historic Site of Japan in Until the Meiji Restoration , the area of Fukushima prefecture was part of what was known as Mutsu Province. The Shirakawa Barrier and the Nakoso Barrier were built around the 5th century to protect ‘civilized Japan’ from the ‘barbarians’ to the north.

Fukushima became a Province of Mutsu after the Taika Reforms were established in In , the provinces of Iwase and Iwaki were created, but these areas reverted to Mutsu some time between and It was built in and it is a National Treasure.

Holdings’ Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. To date, only around 10% of residents have returned. “It won’t be easy to make life like it was.

Japan faces myriad challenges to decommissioning and decontamination. Like many in surrounding localities, Iitate residents were ordered to evacuate after a powerful earthquake and tsunami on March 11, , led to meltdowns at Tokyo Electric Power Co. Holdings ‘ Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Nonetheless he will help the village move forward by offering advice on nuclear decontamination and the ongoing dangers of radiation.

He also acts as a go-between for the village and the national government. In his former role at the NRA, Tanaka spearheaded an overhaul of Japan’s nuclear regulatory scheme, setting tough new standards for nuclear power operations intended to prevent another Fukushima-like accident. To date, 12 reactors have cleared the new standards. And yet the public remains largely distrustful of nuclear power — a problem Tanaka believes he can address by building up trust in the areas directly affected by the Fukushima disaster.

Challenges in that region, however, remain immense, none more so than decommissioning the damaged power plant. This involves the unprecedented feat of removing and safely storing the plant’s nuclear fuel, part of which has melted and escaped from the reactors it originally powered. Back in September, Tepco and the national government reaffirmed their previous timeline for the cleanup, estimating the decommissioning process would take 30 to 40 years to complete.

But the herculean nature of this task is becoming increasingly apparent. Nuclear fuel is too radioactive for humans to approach even when wearing protective gear, and must be handled by remotely controlled robots. But precision machinery is sensitive to radiation, and developing technology able to withstand conditions at the Fukushima site has proved intensely challenging.

Radiocarbon Releases from the 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Accident

Also known as “Hama-dori,” Fukushima’s Coastal Region facing the Pacific to the east offers both exquisite coastal beauty and the pleasure of sea bathing. To the west lies the mountainous “Aizu” Region, where you can greet nature’s scenic grandeurs, such as Mt. Bandai and Oze National Park.

The Fukushima disaster occurred on March 11, Any wine made before that date should be free of the effects, while any dating from.

Nine years after a devastating tsunami sparked disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, clean-up and decommissioning continues at the crippled facility. AFP was granted rare access to reactor control rooms and other parts of the plant for an update in the months before the Tokyo Olympics. Seen from afar, the buildings housing reactors one to four, the most damaged of the six at the site, seem to have been almost fully repaired.

Three of them were ravaged by hydrogen explosions. But up close the damage is clear, with walls missing and debris still on the ground. Those entering the control rooms must wear clothing designated for the “yellow zone” — protective suit, three pairs of gloves, three pairs of socks, boots, a full face mask and a helmet. These don’t protect against radiation, which passes through clothing, but are intended to limit radioactive dust entering the body or contaminating clothes.

The route to the rooms involves stepping over detritus from the disaster and squeezing along improvised staircases.


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Fukushima “Fukushima”, Kleinkief’s new work, tells us about a rock of masterly psychedelia dating back to the 70s, where a complex arrangement of tones and.

Fukushima is the southernmost prefecture in the Tohoku region. It is the third largest prefecture in Japan, following Hokkaido and Iwate, with a total area of 13, Fukushima City, the prefectural capital, is located about km from Tokyo, or 90 minutes by the Shinkansen bullet train operated by JR Japan Railways Tohoku.

The population of the capital is less than , Koriyama City, the commercial center of Fukushima prefecture, boasts the 2nd highest annual sales of commercial products in the Tohoku region. The population of Koriyama is around ,

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